Another year has passed by and it’s time to look at how I did in terms of my 2014 resolutions.

#1) Learn to shoot a gun. -> Success. A big awesome thank you to my boyfriend and his friend Nick. Boo yah!
#2) Read at least 30 books. -> Failure. I have 6 books in my currently reading list and I think I only read 6 complete books. Gah.
#3) Let go of the credit card. Failure –> I’m a little under $12,000 in the hole.
#4) Learn to look at photos of myself. Or maybe take better photos of myself. — > Look at my previous post and see how happy I am. Success
#5) Discover Southern California. –> Failure. I got a Disney Pass and I’m discovering Disney =) but I am happy.
#6) Run those 10Ks!! –> Success.
#7) Write. –> Failure.
#8) Workout more. –> Success
#9) Cook more. McDonald’s less. –> Success
#10) Dissect self-hate. –> Success but I still have a lot of self-hate so I don’t know what to do with that. I see it. I acknowledged it.

So for 2015, I want to work on the following.

  1. Finish a half-marathon. I will be using this guide. I am exciting! I want to compete in the Coast to Coast.
  2. Pass the FSOE. I will be using this guide.
  3. Get a new job.
  4. Tackle the credit card bill.
  5. Sign up for a gym membership and attend the gym. There is a Fitness 19 near my house and grocery store. I pass it every time I go to Starbucks. So instead of going to the Starbucks, I would like to go to the gym and then go get my groceries.
  6. Finish quilts.