I can’t believe it has been over 6 months that I have posted something. Apologies only to myself as I have felt my life change dramatically and it’s been overwhelming and I’ve lost track of basically everything. I lost sight of what I wanted and gah! So much to say but later.

At the beginning of the year, I wrote the following resolutions for myself:

  1. Finish a half-marathon. I will be using this guide. I am exciting! I want to compete in the Coast to Coast.
  2. Pass the FSOE. I will be using this guide.
  3. Get a new job.
  4. Tackle the credit card bill.
  5. Sign up for a gym membership and attend the gym. There is a Fitness 19 near my house and grocery store. I pass it every time I go to Starbucks. So instead of going to the Starbucks, I would like to go to the gym and then go get my groceries.
  6. Finish quilts.

How did I do?

Let’s see…

#1) I completed the Coast to Coast! So I did two half-marathons and managed to sign up for the RunDisney in Paris at the end of September and RunDisney in Anaheim at the beginning of September! (This time I swear I will train…) – SUCCESS

#2) I discovered something about myself that does not require me to become a Foreign Service Officer or an FBI agent. Sorry America BUT I am not patriotic and have no desire to die for my country or countrymen. I don’t share the same beliefs as the government and I doubt I could blindly follow what I am being told. That and the whole, I can’t keep a secret to save my life.

I love traveling but I also love teaching. For so long, I denied the fact that I wanted to become a teacher because my mom doesn’t think teaching is a good enough profession. Honestly, I was on that track back when I was 21. I could have been done by now. No seriously. I took all the teaching credential classes back when I was in college. I just needed the student teaching part. I gave it up to make my mom happy and now look at me. I’m lost doing shit, I have no desire to do.  #sorrynotsorry

#3) I have a new job. Yay!! I make $50k a year and have health benefits. YAY!! Finally after nine years in non-profits I can say. FUCK non-profits. I learned this about myself. For five semi-miserable years, I hated my job and the non-profit I was working in. I thought that maybe, MAYBE, it was just a shitty non-profit. But nope, non-profits and the arts are such unstable fields and I’m not a youngin’ anymore. I’m 31 years old, living with my parents, and sleeping on a twin size bed. I need adult things such as a retirement plan, financial stability, a home, maybe a full size bed. (What would I do with all that space?!)

I finally have health benefits. I can see a doctor and a dentist. I have no idea how to make an appointment but that’s besides the point. Baby steps. Baby steps.

#4) The credit card bill… is a weird semi success story. I was at $14,000 in debt. I managed to put down the card to $7,000 but now it’s back up to $10,000. I say that’s okay. Overall it’s down but this year I had a lot of issues and successes. For one, I had to get new tires ($400) and then a colonoscopy ($600, oh yeah, I haven’t talked about my butt problems yet, the joys of that region) BUT then!!! I decided to get my Masters in History and my two history classes were $2,100) and my teaching credential (my first class was $960).

So my debt is no longer trivial stuff. But it’s still debt and I am trying really hard to lower it. On the plus I have $3,100 in saving. So HA!

#5) I signed up for a gym. Score. And I did have a gym partner, the lovely Ms. Robyn, and we were in the grove of things. Double score. BUT then life kind of fucked both of us over. We got sad and then depressed which meant we stopped doing everything. I learned that having a friend who wants to work out with you, talk with you and laugh with you is important in the weight loss journey. I also know that we will be getting our shit together really soon. So stay tune.

#6) I finished two quilts. One for me (of course) and one adorable owl quilt for a cute little girl named Jasmine (by little I mean younger, she is definitely taller than me). Then I started making new quilts, one for Andrew (almost done, I swear), one for my godmother (a super awesome Carpenter’s Star (FYI I love this design)), one for my former intern, Alexis  (who is about to have a baby), and another one that was meant for me but now I plan to give away.