Hi I’m Angie!

I am a 28 year old woman (wow, I find it so strange to say woman instead of girl, but yes I am a woman) traveling through my own wonderland after I fell, for 10 years, down the rabbit hole of bad relationships and a miscarriage. This wonderland, like the book, is full of peculiar characters, although slightly less furry, and exotic places.

I’ve always wanted to blog/write but felt I never had anything important to say which is one of the reasons I am a “quiet” or “shy” person. I’m often terrified of what people may think of me. Thankfully, I was inspired by two amazing women, Julia and Susan. Both women, going through their own journeys of separation, divorce, and individual fulfillment. Their posts and openness made me want to share my story as well. I’m not very good at showing gratitude and support but I know that I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for them. So this is me saying thank you, this is as good as it going to get.

Recently, I felt a change in me. I was tired of wanting the life of an “angry bitch.” The angry bitch syndrome was one of my fundamental feminist ideals that is no longer congruent with my beliefs. Now many may think, what is Angie talking about? But trust me, women know these angry bitches. An angry bitch is someone who hoards knowledge, who feels better by putting other women down, who suffered to get where she is and cannot accept other women joining her, an angry bitch is a sheep in wolf’s clothing (did I get that phrase right?); basically, fucking insecure. I wanted to be one of this angry bitches! Part of me still still does but I try and keep that in check.

I share my story on the internet in hopes to save at least one girl, one woman, of endless years of heartache falling in love with the same persona, over and over, because they showed them the least bit of affection. I also hope that with my story to over come the angry bitch syndrome. I have embarked on this journey through my wonderland, simply experiencing both the good and the bad.