Me: Someone is trying to explain Grand Theft Auto to me and I’m like, explain it in WoW language.

Kevin: Did it work?

Me: No. If there is no Thrall, it doesn’t make sense.

Kevin: Think WoW with no guards and your job is to blow up the cities.

Me: Oh. That’s horrible! The chaos and anarchy!!!

Kevin: That’s why it’s fun. There are no rules.

Me: But I prefer order and dictatorship over anarchy.

Kevin: You can be a dictator.

Me: Right!! I’m the right height.

Kevin: You have a complex.

Me: … You’d be the first to go.

Kevin: Nooooo…. I’m sorry, Stalin.

Me: Dear people of Angolan today, we executed Kevin, a conspirator against your beloved motherland. Remember that I am here for your protection. I care about you.

Kevin: Love me or despair.

Me: Mmmhmmmm.

Kevin: I think you’d fit right in with GTA.

Me: What’s gta?

Kevin: … Grand Theft Auto.

Me: Oh.